Archive | November 2015

RSPCA accepts pouches from the MakerSpace kids

Last week in MakerSpace our kids sewed pouches for orphaned native animals to donate to the RSPCA. Today, Vicky Toomey, a wildlife carer for the RSPCA visited the school to accept the pouches. All the kids who were involved stood up at assembly and received a round of applause, then two of our students got up and thanked the RSPCA for their hard work and handed over the pouches. This was great publicity for our MakerSpace and great acknowledgement for the students who got to see their creations being put to good use.  rspca

Cartooning Workshop

I organised for one of our Year 5 classes to do a cartooning workshop with artist Kristine Ballard via video-conference with EdTV this afternoon. EdTV was just established this year and provides art workshops for students from Prep to Year 12. Despite it starting within their lunch break, the kids were all eager to do some drawing. They learnt basic cartooning techniques such as how to convey a range of emotions through just a few simple lines and how round shapes are used for sympathetic characters while pointy shapes are used for negative characters. The kids produced some really good work easily and quickly.

cartooning 3 cartooning 8