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Library Lion

Each year with my new class of Preps I love to read The Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen. LibraryLion-259x300

It’s great for teaching them the rules of the library and they always jump when I do the lion’s roar. After reading the book we use the electronic whiteboard to match images from the book to the emotion the characters are feeling.

library lion 2

Then we finish by making our own lion mask. My assistant made a template which we photocopy onto yellow paper and pre-cut for them. They then decorate it. We tried tying it around their heads with elastic but the paper kept tearing. We decided to get the kids to tape a paddle pop stick to the back to create a hand-held mask instead.

MakerSpace Activity: Valentine’s Day Cards

Our first MakerSpace activity for the new school year involved students making these cards, ostensibly for Valentine’s Day, but they would be appropriate for any occasion. It was a very cheap activity – I only needed to purchase a $4 packet of rhinestones from Spotlight – everything else we already had.

valentines card


To save time, my aide pre-cut the white paper to card size and pre-printed pages of heart outlines on coloured paper. Students then just had to cut the hearts out and fold and glue them following these Valentine’s day card instructions which I typed up using the following video as a guide.


Library Monitors

We welcomed our new library monitors with a pizza lunch last week and conducted some training. This week they were awarded their badges on assembly today and commenced their duties. Our monitors come from Years 6 and 7 and have to apply for the job. It is treated as a leadership position and attracts certain privileges such as helping out at library functions, getting a free book from our Book Fair, getting a reference at the end of their tenure etc. We always have more applicants than positions available. Students work one 20-minute time slot each week and have a list of duties including:

  • Return any items in the returns box.
  • Change the “Just Returned” display.
  • Shelve any picture books and chapter books.
  • Choose books to fill empty spaces on the bay end panels.
  • Take lost property to the office.
  • Do any deliveries.
  • Issue books as needed.
  • General tidy up of the library – push in chairs, pick up books left lying around etc.
  • Any other duties as needed.
learning to use the circulation computer

learning to use the circulation computer