Archive | August 2016

Visiting Authors

As part of our Book Week celebrations we had four visiting authors across P-12. Nadia Sunde was a big hit with the students and staff alike in P-3. She is a storyteller who gave a hilarious performance involving music and drama, which was highly interactive and explored the power of the imagination.

Pat Flynn spoke to the Year 4-7 students and all of his books were borrowed immediately after his talks. Steph Bowe was our speaker for the Year 9-12 students and it was interesting for them to see someone so young who was a successful author.

Finally, Peter Carnavas conducted workshops with our Year 8 classes as part of their picture book unit in English, focusing on the way in which images can convey meaning.

Nadia Sunde  Steph BowePeter Carnavas


Robotics and Science Week

To celebrate National Science Week we ran some robotics activities in the library each lunchtime. In our MakerSpace we have a number of different robots which we set up and used. Students manoeuvered the Lego EV3 robot and attempted to get it to shoot its missiles at a target. The Sphero and Sprk robots both had to be manipulated through a maze using an iPad or iPhone. We had long lines of students waiting to use the robots and even some of the staff came down to give it a try. We also set up a display on robots, highlighting some of our fiction and non-fiction titles.

robot1 robot4 robot2