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MakerSpace activity: Hoop Gliders

This activity was cheap, quick and easy, and combined fun with science – all good things in my opinion. I got the idea here. All we needed was cardboard, sticky-tape and straws. I made a prototype using regular paper but it wasn’t stiff enough. After making the hoop gliders we took the kids outside and had a competition to see whose could fly the furthest. It was surprising how far they could travel.


Roald Dahl Day

The library celebrated Roald Dahl Day on Tuesday 18th September by inviting all of our Year 2 students to a party.

We decorated the library with a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme, complete with chocolate river, giant mushrooms and large “lollies” hanging from the ceiling. The library staff and Year 2 staff all came in costume and most of the students did too.

library-staff willy-wonka wonka-land

We started with students doing a round of themed activities. For The Enormous Crocodile we played Stuck in the Swamp on the lawn outside the library; for George’s Marvellous Medicine I did a science show where we mixed different chemicals to make things change colour and fizz; for Fantastic Mr Fox we played pin the tail on the fox and for The Twits students donned blindfolds and searched for rubber worms in our wormy “spaghetti”.

  wormy-spaghetti  marvellous-medicine

The food was provided by our Year 12 Hospitality students who did a great job creating a themed menu with lots of chocolate, James and the Giant Peach cupcakes, snozcumber sandwiches and human bean dip from The BFG and chicken nuggets from Fantastic Mr Fox among others, with plenty of fizzy lifting drink to wash it down. We sat down on the floor together and had a giant picnic.

picnic  food