MakerSpace Activity: Minecraft Door Hanger


This activity was so popular we actually had to turn kids away, as we ran out of space. We have a Minecraft Club which runs on Wednesday lunch times, which is always full, and our Minecraft books are continually in circulation.

We took this activity fromĀ Unofficial Minecraft lab for kids : family-friendly projects for exploring and teaching math, science, history, and culture through creative building / John Miller and Chris Fornell Scott.. To do it, get kids to cut an A4 sheet of black paper into 2.5cm wide strips. Then do the same with the green piece of paper, but this time don’t cut all the way through. Stop about 2.5cm from the end. Students then weave the black strips through the green “loom” to create their image. Glue the finished weaving to a larger sheet of paper to make a frame.

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