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Library Monitors’ End of Year Lunch

This year we decided to try something different to reward our library monitors for their hard work across the year. We bussed them down to our local book store, Collins Books on Bulcock St, and allowed each of them to select a book for the library. The books will have a plate inside stating it was chosen by Joe Bloggs, Library Monitor 2016.

We then walked down to the Hog’s Breath Cafe and treated the kids to lunch. For $9.95 each they got a meal, soft drink and ice cream, so the cost was quite reasonable. The kids really enjoyed it and felt appreciated.


Library Monitors

We welcomed our new library monitors with a pizza lunch last week and conducted some training. This week they were awarded their badges on assembly today and commenced their duties. Our monitors come from Years 6 and 7 and have to apply for the job. It is treated as a leadership position and attracts certain privileges such as helping out at library functions, getting a free book from our Book Fair, getting a reference at the end of their tenure etc. We always have more applicants than positions available. Students work one 20-minute time slot each week and have a list of duties including:

  • Return any items in the returns box.
  • Change the “Just Returned” display.
  • Shelve any picture books and chapter books.
  • Choose books to fill empty spaces on the bay end panels.
  • Take lost property to the office.
  • Do any deliveries.
  • Issue books as needed.
  • General tidy up of the library – push in chairs, pick up books left lying around etc.
  • Any other duties as needed.
learning to use the circulation computer

learning to use the circulation computer