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I was examining my borrowing stats from Semester 1 and was surprised by how many magazines were appearing in the top 100. I decided to purchase some more titles and consulted with students on what they wanted. The boys wanted surfing and gaming magazines and the girls wanted Dolly (not allowed at our school) and a wide range of other fashion magazines.

Our current magazines are Empire, Popular Science, Inside Sport, Girlfriend, Top Gear and D-Mag for the younger kids. Girlfriend attracts a bit of criticism from some staff at times but it’s hard to find a decent magazine for teenage girls that they actually want to read. We tried Indigo magazine a couple of years ago but the kids weren’t interested in it.

I’ve now added Rolling Stone, Frankie, Marie Claire, Make (for our new MakerSpace), Hyper, Game Informer, How it Works and Tracks. I’ll see how they go and reassess next year when I do my budget which ones we continue with.