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MakerSpace Activity: Makedo Models

I’ve just bought 10 sets of Makedo toolkits which allow kids to easily cut and join cardboard using simple reusable screws and hinges. There are some fantastic creations on the Makedo site and kids can really use their imagination to easily construct all kinds of things. I also found some cheap Makedo “Ready to Build” kits where kids can punch out printed pieces and join them together to create dinosaurs, cars, animals etc. I thought this might be a good entry point for kids who need a bit more guidance before feeling comfortable coming up with their own ideas. I put everything out at lunchtime today and let the kids explore.

The girls liked using the kits but the boys preferred to make their own creations using the scrap cardboard and boxes.  The kids’ creations are on display in the library for a week and then we can disassemble them. I think I should be able to reuse the kits a few times before the cardboard is destroyed.

makedo 3 makedo 4 makedo 5 makedo