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Samantha Wheeler

Samantha Wheeler, author of Smooch and Rose and Spud and Charlie, visited the school today to speak to our Year 4-7 students about her work and to give some valuable tips about structuring a story. The students enjoyed her interactive presentation and had lots of questions at the end. samantha wheeler 1 samantha wheeler

Your new book, Mr Cassowary, is coming out in September. What’s it about?

Mister Cassowary is a mystery about a young boy, Flynn, who goes up to Mission Beach with his dad and discovers there’s a strange cover-up surrounding his grandfather’s death. Was it something to do with the large dinosaur-like cassowaries that live in the area?

You have a lot of animals. Have any of them made an appearance in your books?

Yes! Of course! Lizzie from Smooch and Rose was based on a dog we once owned. Mickey was my husband’s one and only horse and Spud was based on a lazy ex-racehorse I once owned.

 What does this year’s Book Week theme, Books Light up our World, mean to you?

Having travelled a lot as a child and as an adult, sometimes new cities can feel like dark and lonely places. But when you open up a book – whether to read or to write in – your world is suddenly alight. You can be whatever you want to be.

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to an aspiring author/illustrator?

Write about what you love. That way, you get to be where you want to be, have what you want, be with whomever you wish – every time you enter the story.

 How might teachers use your books to teach the Australian Curriculum, particularly the sustainability cross-curriculum priority?

My books all come with great teachers’ notes (notes for Smooch and Rose and Spud and Charlie are here: Nell) but more specifically can be used to teach sustainability such as:

  • living things depend on each other and the environment to survive
  • scientific knowledge is used to inform personal and community decisions
  • science knowledge helps people to understand the effect of their actions

Samantha has mapped Smooch and Rose against the Australian Curriculum. You can download the document here.Smooch and Rose and The Australian Curriculum