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Cartooning Workshop

I organised for one of our Year 5 classes to do a cartooning workshop with artist Kristine Ballard via video-conference with EdTV this afternoon. EdTV was just established this year and provides art workshops for students from Prep to Year 12. Despite it starting within their lunch break, the kids were all eager to do some drawing. They learnt basic cartooning techniques such as how to convey a range of emotions through just a few simple lines and how round shapes are used for sympathetic characters while pointy shapes are used for negative characters. The kids produced some really good work easily and quickly.

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Video Conferencing

We’ve got a video conferencing room set up in the library and are part of the Independent Schools and Broadband Technology Group. Each week we get a list of upcoming video conferencing opportunities and I collate them, look at where they might fit in the curriculum and send them out to teachers who might be interested. So far this year we’ve had a number of great conferences. Yesterday, our Year 6s linked with the Australian Museum in Canberra and with a school in Warwick to look at “Fascinating Fossils.” We’ve also had Year 3 students practise creating characters with author, Laurine Croasdale; Year 5s joining Whitsunday Christian College and author Laurine Croasdale to explore persuasive writing, coming up with some creative ideas on topics such as ‘Should boys become tooth fairies?’ and ‘Why the school should buy a flying bus’; and another group of Year 5s joining experts from Sydney Living Museums to explore what life was like for convicts in the early colonies. Teachers have also been using the equipment to take up professional development opportunities.Year 6 videoconference